How to pick fruit on tall branches

How to pick fruit on tall branches

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When fruit trees grow tall, one often wonders how to harvest fruit that grows high. The pruning operations and the choice of a dwarfing rootstock make it possible to create small saplings, in which almost everything can be harvested from the ground.

Those who choose instead to leave the tree a little freer to grow, perhaps to have a beautiful foliage to shade the garden, will find themselves wondering how to get to the top of their plant. Fruit in the highest branches, which are also the best in the sun, is often the one that ripens first. On a tree of a few years grown in pots or left with free foliage, a good portion of the harvest cannot be reached from the ground.

For the harvest of olives or nuts is used shake the branches to make the fruits fall to the ground, this technique is obviously not suitable for fresh fruits, which would be damaged in the fall.

There ladder it may be a solution, even if it is not always the best: if the branches are very high and the ground is steep it may not be stable and harvesting becomes a dangerous operation.

Fruit picking tools

To avoid fatigue and accidents among the garden tools there are fruit harvesting tools, generally they are telescopic rods with a tray or a bag at the end, sometimes equipped with a knife or a shears to cut the twig. The risk of these systems is first of all that of tossing the fruit a lot, which will then rot after a few days. Furthermore, the binder with bag and shear is not always easy to use, in particular if the fruits are very small (such as black cherries and cherries) or if the stalk is difficult to reach by the shears, because it is very short, because it is oriented crooked or covered by leaves.

LFruit picking tool was reinvented by Valmas, who patented an effective system for take any type of fruit without damaging it and without having to climb the plant. The idea is to simulate the work that the hand does when it grasps.

The tool consists of a long rod that ends with a sphere divided into two parts, a rope that can be controlled along the entire length of the handle allows the two halves to be closed from the ground with a simple gesture. When the sphere closes, a metal flange holds the fruit, as the fingers of the hand would do, keeping it in the sphere until detachment, while the inside has a shape designed to minimize the impact, as if it were a hand to take the fruit .

The fruit picker proposed by Valmas is available in two versions: the tool with fixed handle reaches up to four meters and weighs only 900 grams, if you want to lengthen the extension you have to choose the telescopic fruit picker, which weighs 1.7 kg and reaches up to 5 and a half meters from the ground.

The tool can also be purchased on Amazon.

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